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​​The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone must have healthcare coverage or pay a

penalty. Trish Pearson Insurance is ready to help find the coverage that's right for you.

Trish will save you time and money.

Trish works with many of the leading insurance companies which allows her to find you

the best plan the marketplace for your needs.  She'll make finding and evaluating health

insurance, simple and easy.

Small Business Plans

Businesses with 100 full time employees or more are required to provide health insurance

to their employees or face a tax penalty. Small business employers are challenged to offer

health benefits that serve a variety of needs but don't exceed their budget.  

Selecting the best insurance plan for your business also involves understanding your employees'

priorities and needs.  When considering health plans, look at the following factors to determine

which plan is best for your company:

          • Benefits
          • Costs
          • Carrier
          • Add-ons

An independent agent like Trish Pearson can match your business with the group health insurance plan that's best suited for your budget and benefit needs.

If you don't have group insurance provided by your employer, individual health insurance is available to you, your spouse or your entire family.

The Exchange is the marketplace for finding and enrolling in healthcare coverage.  Consumers  who don't have coverage or whose employer's insurance is too costly can purchase insurance from a range of health plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that meet different needs at varying price points.

Trish is certified to enroll clients and assist with choosing plans on the Health Exchange.  Finding the right plan can be confusing – then the process to enroll can be challenging. Trish will help you avoid the stress of “why can’t I make this work?”.

With the vast selection of health insurance companies and plans available, it's helpful to consider which match your personal needs:

          • Benefits
          • Costs
          • Physician Network
          • Carrier

Instead of searching websites and filling out forms, call on insurance specialist, Trish Pearson, to shop for the best coverage that fits your needs and budget.
Trish works hard to understand your needs and then find flexible, affordable options for you.  

We Make Choosing Health Insurance Easy

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