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Long Term Care

The costs associated with an unexpected illness or debilitating medical condition can quickly eat away your precious savings. 

Long term care insurance can help you protect your assets while getting coverage for the quality care you need that might not be paid for by your health insurance or Medicare.

Start planning now. Trish Pearson can provide you with information about long term care options that are right for you.

Disability Insurance

An unexpected disability can cause significant financial damage if you're not prepared.  Loss of income due to a disability can be devastating.  

Disability insurance can replace a portion of your income and protect you from financial despair.  Protect yourself and your family from financial difficulty.  Speak to Trish today for more information.

Life Insurance

Your life insurance needs will vary depending on your stage of life, goals and personal situation. 

With all the insurance options available, Trish Pearson can help you determine which type of insurance is right for your circumstances.

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